Sunday, July 5, 2009

What is America's Favorite Pastime?

If you asked an average American, that had average schooling, and an average job; they would more than likely tell you that it was Football; hands down. You're doubting my logic now, vehemently claiming Baseball over football; willing to propose a scrimmage of epic proportions to stake your claim. I give you my sympathy, and understand your ambiguity, but at least wait until I've tried my hand at proving a point.

Though in the past, it was believed that Baseball was the dominant contributor to large-scale athletics, and the all around American sport, two polls conducted in 2008 reveal exactly which sport we glorify above all. Football is still number one with approximately 31% of the vote, as it has been since the poll began in 1985. If you're wondering where Baseball happened to land, It took the silver medal with 16% of Americans counting it as their favorite. Not a bad place for the "proclaimed" all American Pastime, but still not first.

But why is it, that Football has held onto that top-of-the hill position for such a long time? Read more.

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